Under risen competitive environment, fast, punctual, and precise work with supreme quality are the major factors contributing in lower capital endowment which shall in turn enhance sustainability to the overall project.

Prakai Engineering Co., Ltd. has been established in mid 2002 with 5 millions Baht
registered capital integrating in Electrical System, Piping System, Machinery System and also Steel Fabrication . Operated by teamwork with long respective experience
and capability, these can ensure customers to attain high satisfaction and confidence
due to ourexpertise personnel and punctuality work.
    Prakai Engineering Co., Ltd. has engaged in contractor business providing high-standard work in Electricity System, Piping System, Machinery System, and Infrastructure System. We emphasize in meeting the project owner’s requirement by submitting and assuring quality work, operating in specified time-frame, and servicing in accordance to customers’ needs.

With unwavering determination to implement systematic methodology and bring in
dynamic development, Prakai Engineering has attached great importance to latest renovation and technology, which is the core of our business policy. Creating highest
satisfaction and providing professional engineering service are the priority mission of our business conduct.